Professional DJing

Our most popular service, for a reason…we're really good at it!

Our team of professional DJ/MCs are some of the best in the business and our decade long experience as a DJ company has garnered us an excellent reputation in both the private as well as the corporate markets.

Experience: In addition to spinning at clubs and parties we require all our DJ/MCs to have at least 5 years of verifiable experience in the world of formal occasions, weddings and corporate events. Our DJ/MCs are always well dressed with an exuberant, fun, attitude but without any over-the-top antics.

Music: To say our collection of music is VAST is an understatement. But really, as we all know, having lots of music is fairly easy these days. What is still, and will always be, a skill and an art, is knowing just the right song to play at the right time AND being able to seamlessly move from one song to the next without losing the beat and vibe. Our DJ/MC’s excel at this even in the toughest of crowds and mix of age groups.

Your Party, Your Way: Our DJs know that when it comes to music selection our client comes first. When you give us a format or theme to stick with you can be sure we will. If you want us to take requests, we will. If you don’t, we won’t. Your party! Your way!

Weddings: You deserve the best DJ/MC and entertainment service possible for your wedding day. For this reason we offer custom packages to fit every budget and style.

Planning: Our comprehensive planning services are part of every package so you can feel confident that your special day will flow smoothly and effortlessly. Whether your working with another event planner or not, your DJ/MC will be well versed in following your timeline of activities and will be certain all your special dances, cake cut etc are announced and all the right people know it’s about to happen. No worries about whether your photographer is ready to go for your first dance. We make sure everything, and everyone, is prepared BEFORE we make announcements.

Corporate Events: We understand that when your planning a company function the music is extremely important. And we also understand that many corporate event planners are just as concerned about the look and sound of the DJ and, probably most importantly, VOLUME. When you work with DTB you can put your concerns to rest. All our equipment is “corporate clean”, our DJs come well dressed, and the music choices and volume level are appropriate to the setting.

Discretion: Our DJ’s and staff understand the critical importance of discretion at any function, particularly a wedding or corporate event. You won’t catch our guys (or gals) fraternizing with guests, sneaking through the buffet line, or any other even questionable activity. It just won’t happen.