Event Sound

Professional Equipment for Unforgettable Experiences

EQUIPMENT: We use state-of-the-art gear and we constantly stay up on changes in industry technology to ensure that you and your guests feel they have stepped into a concert hall. Here are some of the name brands in the equipment we use that you may recognize:
  • Bose
  • JBL
  • Crown
  • EAW
  • Mackie
  • Allen & Heath
  • Yamaha
  • T.C . Electronics
  • Lexicon

TRAINED STAFF: Our audio engineers are real-world trained and highly educated. We use mentorship style learning where all of our engineers have given at least 2 years of their time as an assistant before they are entrusted with an event to themselves.

IT TAKES REAL EARS: It doesn’t take much skill to hit a power button and get sound to come out of a speaker. What does take skill and training is the ability to assess a room, understand its acoustics, set proper gain structure, make delicate adjustments, and create a sense of strong yet pleasant volume. It’s what we refer to as “having golden ears” and our engineers have some of the best we’ve heard