Event Lighting

Breath taking lighting for all types of events.

EQUIPMENT: Our lighting gear is second to none and we get every last drop of excitement out of it. Combining LED PAR lights for washes, Lekos for control and accents and moving lights for the ultimate in FX, the results can range from a subtle mood or vibe to a jaw-dropping extravaganza. With name brands like Martin, MAC, Chauvet and American DJ you can feel confident that all of your requests will be met with an enthusiastic YES!

PROVEN TECHNIQUES: We know that every event is different and as such no aspect requires more attention to detail than the lighting. Our staff will spend the necessary time with you to assess your needs and desires and to offer suggestions based on our long experience. The wrong lighting can spoil a mood fast. Call the professionals at DTB Productions to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

WIZARDS OF OZ: Lighting is truly only as good as the technicians in control of it. With the technology available today, controlling a great light show has never been more complicated, or more rewarding. Like the wizard behind the curtain, our professional staff can create virtually any effect you can dream up. Turn a wall into a waterfall! Turn a waterfall into volcanic lava! The possibilities are almost endless.